Minkey and Company Travel to Rome – (where the Minkey was 10 years ago)

(Editor’s note: The Minkey is currently traveling and could not get the creative juices flowing to come up with a more relevant post for the Sil Tales site – this will have to do for now)

A year ago there was a trip to Italy, specifically Rome and this is an account of our first day there:

We arrived in Rome early on Sunday morning which meant we needed to keep ourselves awake for at least another 12 hours or so. Some of us were in better shape than others and over the course of the day people started to drop like flies…

Our villa is smack-dab in the middle of everything. I kid you not. We are within 20-30 minutes of all the major sights in the centro. Initially we decided it was best to keep moving and find some food.

Our first tourist area was the Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps where we were immediately taken in by the man ‘giving’ away roses. The roses turned out to not be free (hello dumb tourist ladies). We made a second mistake when we decided to have Prosecco with lunch …(fabulous but kind of put things further into slow motion). Jetlag and Prosecco don’t mix. It was also hot. The sun here beats down mercilessly and cooks you fairly quickly. The Minkey wore her hat and continues to wear her hat, it keeps her more sane.

Third stop was the Pantheon. This took some getting to via the Piazza Colonna where it was hot, and then past another interesting building with Roman columns incorporated into the walls, where it was hot, and then at long last into the Piazza blah blah (sunstroke moment), where it was hot, with the sun rays beaming down to illuminate this spectacular ancient building. It is still intact, approximately 2,000 years later! Even late in the day on Sunday this place was packed with people many of them unwashed (I know, we are supposed to be accepting of all cultures, including their bathing habits, but still). Anyway, we admired the architecture which includes a free-standing dome as wide as it is tall with a circular opening cut out at the top letting in light. That is the only lighting in the place. Fabulous. We lost Julie at the Pantheon blisters and heat had taken their toll. The rest of the herd kept moving forward.


I’ve mentioned that it was warm (once or twice), so we ducked into the church of San Luigi dei Francesi where there is a Caravaggio or two in one of the chapels. I went to every single chapel. In reality, I shuffled to every single chapel in the place before landing on the very last one that had the Caravaggio. At this point, Yvette was falling asleep on her feet – literally. Sooooo, we attempted to provide her with address and directions which she could not type into her phone, as she kept conking out. Now the herd decided to walk Yvette back to the villa.

Wendy, Alaina and Minkey decide they must keep moving and will head to the grocery store. Our rental property people told us there was a new grocery store down the street. We imagined a large marketplace complete with large signage. Ha. We walked around for a while baking in the sun, before we had to sit down on a window ledge and use the google to look for the stinking store. Which was literally across the street from us. Jetlag is cruel, people. We had looked into this store and thought it was a small tabac or something but no, once you get in there and turn the corner, it is actually much larger! Bah.

And now everyone is starting to melt as the lack of sleep really starts to affect your brain. We are American after all and ended up sitting outside in the Campo Marzio area enjoying some pizza … which hit the spot. Finally pseudo day one came to an end ….