(In alphabetical order)

Melinda Clover: Software Product Manager, Pseudo Cyclist, Scrapbooker Extraordinaire

As a 17 year high-tech veteran I’ll be sharing my distinctly biased views of life and work in the valley.  And will generally liven things up with occasional forays into lighter subjects, like teeth whitening (don’t do it!).

Shoshana Deutschkron:  Bay Area food adventurer, fast driving (manual only) aficionado

January sunshine lured me years ago from Wisconsin to Stanford. I graduated amid the original dot com boom. A few busts later, still here but now with years of experience as a comms person in Silicon Valley. I write about riding the waves of life here, Bay Area food adventures, and the places my fast driving (manual only) take me.

Tracey Ewart: User Experience Pro, Mom of Two Little Ones, Runner

After 5 years living here, I’m still amazed at the amount of intelligence sitting in this little “strip” of California.  Some days I feel like it’s all I can do to stay caught up to that intelligence (two maternity leaves didn’t help).  But it’s becoming comfortable and enjoyable.  If you can live with the commute the valley is one heck of an amazing ride

Kylee Hall: Data geek trapped in the body of a marketer

I’m a New Jersey transplant by way of Chicago — and don’t see myself moving back East any time soon. I make spreadsheets of my spreadsheets and love anything that I can quantify and analyze. My career path has taken me from marketing communications to product management back to product marketing, but I’m still trying to find my niche.

Arwa Kaddoura:  Canadian transplant, Mom and Pivot Table Wizard

A transplant from the great north (Canada), I couldn’t wait to move to the bay area to work in Silicon Valley in 2000 (and feel something warmer than subzero temperatures). I started my career in tech and after the big internet bust I left  to sample more ‘stable’ industries, I couldn’t help but return. Tech was the only place where things moved faster than I did…Luckily for us Silicon Valley never gets dull and I look forward to sharing some of those ‘not so dull’ moments with you.

Sarah Kling: Tech entrepreneur. Jackalope trainer. Co-founder: @Whackamoleinc+

I love designing and creating great products. And when I’m not designing them, I love reading and writing about them.  FUN FACTOID: 4% of Americans think the government is run by lizard shape-shifters

Hilary Salazar: B2B Product Marketing, Entrepreneur’s Spouse, and Mom

Making the career change from book publishing to high tech when we moved to Silicon Valley 6 years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made (aside from husband selection and procreating ). I’ve had the privilege to do product marketing at SuccessFactors, Tealeaf,, and now Box, meeting a slew of wonderful people and learning a ton along the way.

Courtney Smith Kramer: Creative Director. Marketer. Satirist. Screenwriter,  CoFounder of @purematter.  – . 

I’m a transplant from Michigan living in the greatest place on Earth. I write about the differences between living here and the Midwest, creativity and observations of absurdity.

Tara Spalding: Software start-up consultant founder, Co-founded a family, created 2 humans, sourced out of Salt Lake City, Utah 

I resided in the Bay Area during the roaring 90’s through 2014 and rode the startup roller coaster many times as an executive. In 2014, our family underwent changes that transplanted us out of Silicon Valley and into Silicon Slopes (a.k.a. Salt Lake City, Utah). I continue to help software startups located around the country launch their products, and I contribute to the Silicon Valley Tales blog by highlighting how Silicon Valley influences the rest of the world, including my family.

Linda Sonne-Harrison:  Product Marketing Maven and Mother of Twins

I’m living the dream, working with a variety of technology companies to improve their sales and marketing effectiveness and at the same time raising twin boys in the Bay Area. I’ll be writing about both topics, and their intersection in work-life balance/ unbalance.

Julie Zisman:  Digital Experience Evangelist, Marketer, World Traveler  and Music Lover

As a Bay Area Native, I am interested in ways technology and Silicon Valley trends change our life.  I’ll be writing about my love of music,  the challenges of living single and the interesting ways my career has shaped my life.  Recently relocated to Portland, OR despite the  movement.

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