In Time for Thanksgiving – A Brief Gratitude List

In Time for Thanksgiving – A Brief Gratitude List

I’ve just returned from a quick trip to New York City. I left San Francisco on a warm Sunday morning and arrived in Manhattan in time for dinner and just ahead of temperatures that were well below freezing.

On the long flights back east and then home, I started thinking about how grateful I am for the people who and the things that make it possible for me to do what makes me happy: juggle family and career and feel like most days, I’m doing a pretty OK job at both (though trust me, I have my share of days when I fear #loser is tattooed on my forehead).

So just ahead of Thanksgiving, here’s a short gratitude list.

1) Partner in Crime

In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg says something along the lines of, “choose the right partner.” I’m paraphrasing but her basic point is to make sure you choose a life partner who is always in your corner. Someone to be your biggest and most vocal champion. Someone to tease you out of your grumpiness. Someone to tell you when you’re being a jackass. Someone who will share the highs and the lows.

2) The Sisterhood of the Traveling Aunts

That’s what I call the sisters –biological and otherwise – who step in to help at a moment’s notice. You know who these women are. They take your kids to the park so you can run to the dentist’s. They bring you soup just because it’s cold outside. They give of themselves over and over again and we love them and do the same for them in return. It’s the perfect virtuous cycle.

3) Mamas and Papas

Need I say more? If you’re lucky enough to have wonderful parents who live nearby, then one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is time (lots and lots of it) with their grandparents. It’s irreplaceable. And it’s magical. Don’t get me wrong – I fully admit that some parents are not people you’d want to spend time with. If that’s the case for you, then see #2.

4) Frozen cookie dough

Seriously. Try this experiment: turn the oven on 30 minutes before your kids come home from school. Pop a dozen cookies in so they’re freshly baked when school lets out. Then watch what happens when your kids walk through the door. As one of mine told me, “Mom of the year, right here.” Yeah, it’s the little things.

5) TV

I love TV shows. Sometimes at the end of a long day, all I want to do is to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and laugh at other people’s mishaps. Or Game of Thrones because really, who doesn’t want to know who Jon Snow’s mother really is (or was)?  Few things beat a Magnum, P.I rerun, though Frasier is another fave.

Won’t you add your own thoughts?