Blog 45 and Pegged Pants

Fashion Trends from the 80s

I turned 45 this year. That’s right I said it: 45. Most days, I feel pretty good—maybe 30, 31 tops. Then every once in awhile I find myself saying something, stopping and then admitting, “I think I just dated myself.” This experience has happened several times in recent days as I have a very young intern working for me.

Some examples: He entered the office with his pants rolled and hemmed close to his ankle. Me: “Oh.. are pegged pants are back in style? Him: “What are ?” I went on to explain the concept and (for girls) how you had to wear scrunchy socks: 2 pairs. He looked at me funny and explained something about runners and athletic gear that I didn’t understand. Instead of asking for clarification, I just nodded and smiled.

On another day, I mentioned a movie experience: “I was feeling bad and 15 minutes of the Breakfast Club cheered me up.” Him: “What’s that?” Me: “Twilight without vampires.”

Today’s age defining moment in (one of those ironically-named, new-fangled collaboration tools?) A co-worker did something good, and I posted the emoji (picture) for two- thumbs in the upward position. She looked at me, giggled and said. “Are you trying to flip me off?” My response: “You know, two thumbs up? Siskel and Ebert.” I got a blank stare in return. I guess I should have used a Rotten Tomatoes percentage.

But it happens in other ways too. Friday night used to be the pinnacle of my week. Where are we going? What are we doing? Now I can’t wait to go home and have a stress free evening. It is such a blessing to go to bed without a deadline looming in front of me. I get more sleep on Friday than any other night of the week and get way more excited about getting home to it rather than going out.

And work? I have to take sales calls so I can keep up with all the new technology. And right now for marketers, a new thing comes out every day. I can’t complain too much because I am pushing one of those new . ☺

It creeps in through other little ways. There is an amazing 80’s music station in Portland. They mentioned a 30-year anniversary for one of my favorite songs. I cringed! All I could think of was my parents and the fact that their 30-year music gap was the switch from Big Band to Disco. Has our music changed that much? I’m not so sure.

Ideas pop into my mind all the time. I suddenly understand Roller Boogie. It brings the concepts of karaoke and exercise together. Something I love and I something that is… well… not my favorite thing. Hmmm after additional thought, maybe that’s not age related and just a personal preference.

Finally, tis the season of commencement. On the news, I saw a mashup of celebrity comments and all I could think of was “.” 1999. If you don’t remember, it’s worth a revisit. Wear sunscreen. Still good advice even as time marches on.

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