16.75 Hours on My iPhone

16.75 Hours on My iPhone

4:45am: Alarm, turned off. Got calendar reminder that it was my turn to post the blog today (oooops!)

4:46am: Check and respond to texts and emails from while my phone was on sleep (9pm to 5am).

4:50am: Check Instagram and Facebook (the app is back on my phone. I am PATHETIC).

4:55am: Check calendar to determine what the heck I am supposed to do today and how to dress appropriately (any meetings to dress up for?)

4:59am: Check weather app. Hot today. Cold at baseball tonight. Welcome to Spring in Northern California.

5:00am: Got to my  to make sure I am signed up for the 5:30am class. Sign up for the Wednesday and weekend classes.

5:02am: Flashlight.

5:10am: Check (where I keep all my to do lists).

6:18am: Check emails and texts post class.

6:22am: Buy coffee.

7:00am: Look up a new recipe I want to try on my favorite cooking app

7:10am: Read for some daily world news summaries. If you are not getting this daily email, you should.

7:15am: Order groceries from for delivery tonight after my son’s baseball game. Includes ingredients for the recipe I want to try.

8:10am: Working from home for a few hours. Looking at emails as they come in. Responding, forwarding on laptop.

9:40am: Take a picture of something funny at my daughters camp I saw to post later to my private friend group on Facebook.

9:50am: Check Google Maps to make sure I know quickest route to get to work after dropping off my daughter at Spring Break tennis camp.

10:11am: Call my dad to make sure he can provide lunch for my son today (they are hanging out….Spring Break baby!)

10:15am: Check email and respond to a text (at a long stoplight).

10:18am: Take a picture of a gaggle (?) of turkeys in our vineyard as I am driving in.

10:50am: Check and respond to email (my work desktop is not working…ahhhh!)

11:00am: Edit picture on app.

11:15am: Post edited turkey picture on winery Instagram page, Facebook page, Twitter and Flickr.

11:32am: Check LinkedIn app and respond to connection request. Look up a phone number and email address of a connection. Scroll through posts and relevant industry news.

11:38am: Take a picture of a magazine cover (his CEO is on it) and text to my husband.

11:49am: Install iOS 8.3 while waiting for my desktop to load Outlook. Errors are killing me.


12:03pm: Checked Facebook while my food was in the microwave. Jealous of my friends that are posting pictures from Mexico. Reminded myself not to check Facebook this week due to inevitable Spring Break envy.

12:14pm: What time is it?

12:17pm: Checked Shopify app for my  fitness sleeve business. No orders yet today. :-(

12:22pm: Via Safari, checked web site of , meal delivery service, for meals next week.

12:24pm: Responded to Evite for a birthday party for my daughter this weekend.

12:55pm: Double checked the family Google calendar entry of my son’s baseball game tonight. Place and time.

(In a meeting)

1:10pm: Booked two work lunches via for the next two weeks.

1:15pm: Checked email.

1:16pm: Cancelled one of the work lunches for next week via OpenTable (based on one of the emails received).

1:40pm: Looked up the web site and images via Safari App for a country performer that is playing at the winery later in the year, as discussed in the meeting. To be announced!

1:42pm: Scheduled personal lunch via text for next week with a friend.

2:01pm: Zappos app: eyed those shoes I want.

2:04pm: Listened to a new voicemail, which is sent to me as an attachment in an email (love that my work vm does that).

2:06pm: Sent an email to task someone at my office with something (per the voicemail I received.)

2:20pm: Responded to a group text about soccer carpool this week.

(Out of meeting)

2:22pm: Skimmed several wine industry article links (sent to me in an email). Feeling bad for some growers in Lodi that lost a decent amount of their crop from a freak hailstorm.

3:02: Posted and commented on funny picture in my private friends Facebook group.

3:08pm: Responded to a text from my Instacart shopper.

(in car)

3:15 Called husband to get son’s cleats and bring to baseball game. No answer.

3:18: Husband called back. Mission accomplished.

(Home for ten minutes then to Little League field)

4:31: Texting back and forth with hairdresser to schedule appointment.

5:01: Hair dresser calls. Missed it. Still no appointment scheduled.

5:15: Daughter commandeers phone at son’s baseball game.

6:45: Game over. Take phone back. Check email. Answer three customer emails.

6:47: Text husband (a coach) where we are going for dinner.

7:15: Check Facebook. F you Mexico. Why am I not there?

7:45: Receive call from Instacart shopper. He’s early. Just pulling up at home.

7:51: Call Instacart shopper…he gave me one of the wrong bags. Is this supposed to save me time? Yes yes, it does.

8:01: Buy cute shoes on Zappos.

8:30: Texting with a few friends during break from . Check work social media pages to see if anything exciting is going on.

9:15: Set alarm. Check email, Instagram and Facebook. Retire to iPad to read a book on Kindle app.

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