Classic MashUp

Welcome to daylight saving. That time of year when the days get longer, the temperature gets warmer and we reboot Silicon Valley Tales – The Extended Version. More and more of our authors (including myself) find themselves living outside of Silicon Valley but still have great experiences to share. To get us started, I’m going to share a mashed-up classic.

Some of my favorite childhood books were from Richard Scarry. (Not coincidentally because my cool, big-brother loved them.) If you were a US-born GenXer, you grew up with these classic books that showed you animal figures in perfect caricature of town people, country people or city people. Imagine my delight, when I saw a  by  on the Tom The Dancing Bug website.

But, low-and-behold, it set-off a big debate about what should be included among my circle of friends. Here are ten things that came up.

  1. Too many suits—there should be more skinny jeans and hoodies
  2. Tesla; there needs to be a Tesla.
  3. The tech executive should be wearing a black oxford and black jeans.
  4. There should be a disproportionately priced modern house located downtown.
  5. While the “naked” cat is appreciated, it should really be taking a selfie,
  6. Everyone should be looking at a mobile device.
  7. Coffee should be more prominently featured
  8. “Content” made it, but no social network?
  9. The rage pundit should be doing a podcast.
  10. What, no food truck?

In reading some of the original comments, one person says, “being fresh on the job market, this is freakishly accurate.” But of all the comments, my favorite is “At least my hero, Lowly, (the worm) is still doing something real.” What do you think should be included?

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