Guilty of YouTube Drive-bys? See What You’re Missing.

I read an recently about a top YouTube channel called DisneyCollector which has video after video of a faceless lady unwrapping cheap Disney toys and describing every detail.  Apparently toddlers – by the droves – are fascinated by them, in a video category cleverly called “unboxing”.  And it’s not the toddlers who are logging onto YouTube – there must be A LOT of parents in need of a distraction mechanism while they get sh*! done.   Check out a .

This got me thinking – what other strange secrets do I not know about YouTube?  I really only find myself using YouTube because someone shared a link on Facebook, or to occasionally look up an old music video…don’t ask.

I guess I’m not part of Generation C.  Coined by Google, they’re described as: “a powerful new force in culture and commerce. Sixty-five percent are under 35 but they span the generations, empowered by technology to search out authentic content that they consume across all platforms and all screens, whenever and wherever they want. They can be difficult to reach with traditional media”.

They’re talking about the power of YouTube.  It looks like kids don’t watch network TV anymore.

You remember these kids, right?

So I dug around and saw YouTube channels are a big thing. The Top Channels get so many subscribers they’re almost always invited to join a Multi-Channel Network.   A whaa?  Well that’s basically like getting signed to a record label.  Meet a few of them:

  1. PewDiePie – At just 24, he’s the reigning supreme video creation master.  His channel has been the most subscribed channel uninterrupted since December 2013.  His schtick is commenting on video games, like a Bob Costas of Sims.  Gaming’s not my thing, but as I perused his videos, I found it pretty funny when he tried:
  2. BF vs GF – Humorous and endearing,  you can watch boyfriend/girlfriend Jeana and Jessie duke it out on each video to some sort of competition, like: 
  3. Smosh – Wikipedia describes them dryly as a web-comedy duo.  Okay.  This 26 year old pair have been making vids since 2005 – and here’s a good nugget from a few years back:  

So going beyond top channels, I wanted to find out what were the top viewed videos of all time?  Well you can pat yourself on the back – you’ve probably seen most of these. (I ignored all music videos which crowd the very top spots, except for Gangnam Style since it’s ranked #1):

  1. 2 billion views
  2. -760 million views
  3. (apologies, it’s that annoying chicken song) – 418 million views
  4. – 217 million views

In case you’re still here not sucked into that other site I keep linking to, I’ll wrap up with some of my personal video favorites.  However it was that I landed on them, they are creations I’m in awe of, and could watch over and over:

  1. – beautiful hyperlapsed footage plus great soundtrack.
  2. – I didn’t know what it was either until watching this.
  3.   – yes you read that right.

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