Remote Appreciation or What I Did on my Vacation

Just before Thanksgiving, I vacationed in Nicaragua with some friends. I love traveling to other countries. New experiences spark my creativity and give me a refreshed appreciation for the things that I have in San Francisco.

Concepción Volcano Located on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua

Three things I love about Nicaragua.
1. Volcanos as skyscrapers
One of five active volcanos will always be in view instead of skyscrapers. No one wants to live above the first floor, since a horrible earthquake in 1974 caused many building to collapse. (Ok there are a few exceptions)

2. New and old juxtaposed
We sat in the back of a truck with bench seats and no seat belts. We bumped 30-minutes down a rutted road to a surf camp with minimal electricity that used ice for refrigeration. They did have a really decent WiFi signal for the entire length of the mile long beach.

3. Nature
I have to give this one to the turtles. In a four hour period, I saw about 200 Olive Ridley “Mom” turtles laying thousands of eggs and just as many babies turtles crawling out of their sand nests to trek to the ocean. (There was some trauma with the momma turtles trampling some of the babies turtles.)

Hanging in the nursery

Three things I appreciate more about San Francisco.
1. Clean water / proper sewage treatment
I really like cleaning my toothbrush under the sink faucet. I also really like not having to remember to keep my mouth closed in the shower. It’s a shame that Nicaragua has some of the largest unusable fresh water lakes in the world. They have started recovery projects, but some lakes are so polluted they will take seventy years to clean.

2. Employment
In Nicaragua,the average worker makes about $350 a month if they have a job at all.  Most of the new buildings in Managua (the capital city) house call centers that service North America. This is helping people get a better start and drives more adoption of English (which makes it easier for American tourists). Having just started my new job at , I am thankful this holiday season for the employment opportunity.

3. Fog
If you are on twitter, I recommend following @karlthefog. Who knew that I would miss fog? After the ninety-degree temperatures with seventy percent humidity, it was a blessing to get off the plane and see Karl’s cool blanket . Especially now that I wish that Karl was sheltering us from the freezing temperatures.

Some days I want to throw everything about this place out the window. The traffic, the cost of living, the hipsters. Then I travel away for work or vacation. One of the best things about living in the Bay Area is coming home. There’s really nothing like flying into SFO and seeing the fog roll into the city. It’s nice to be home. It’s especially nice to be home with my family at the holidays. I wish you and yours all the best.

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